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Why get Torrent VPN?

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The 30th of May had come to be celebrated as Torrents Day, which was initiated by none other than Kick Ass Torrents. 2017 marks the sixth year of Torrents Day, despite the fact Kick Ass Torrents was shut down in 2016.

Even though Kick Ass Torrents was shut down, many of its original team members decided to lay low and created the Katcr.co forum. The purpose of doing so was to keep the community alive, all the while hinting at users that Kick Ass Torrents is not out for the count. Eventually, Kick Ass Torrents was revived in December of 2016, although it does not have the same user base as it did before. However, the site has slowly and gradually been gaining traction.

That being said, numerous torrenting sites have been shut down, including The Pirate Bay. But no matter how hard governments may try, torrenting sites cannot be put down for good. The reason why torrenting sites are so popular is because they promote freedom of sharing. The internet was created to make it easier for users to access and share information, which does not seem to be the case anymore, with restrictions being imposed every now and then.

As grim as things may seem, internet users are not out for the count. Fortunately, if you wish to continue promoting freedom of sharing, all you need to do is to get Torrent VPN.

After signing up with Torrent VPN, you will come to realize you will no longer have to deal with geo-restrictions. But that is not all, as you will be able to torrent to your heart's content without having to worry about being monitored. With unparalleled online security and anonymity, your torrenting days are far from over, but only as long as you play your cards right. 

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