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Access BBC iPlayer Abroad Using a VPN

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BBC iPlayer is a video and radio streaming service available throughout the UK. The service has been made available across several platforms and devices. What is really interesting about the service is that it does not display any advertisements whatsoever. BBC Media Player, iPlayer and BBC iPlayer are terms used popularly to refer to the same service.

The video and radio streaming service is home to several popular shows like Top Gear. However, it is available to users in the UK. This essentially means that users across the globe are unable to access the service , that is unless they use a VPN.

To use BBC iPlayer abroad, you will need to use a VPN. How a VPN works is that it will allow you to connect to one of many servers in the UK. With a UK based IP address, you can benefit from the service, and stay safe and secure online at the same time.  

Once connected to a VPN, like Ivacy VPN for instance, there are several features for you to look forward to for maximum online security. With features like internet kill switch, IPv6 leak protection, smart DNS and military grade protection, there is no way hackers and third party agencies will be able to compromise your device.

No matter where you reside, or where you plan to visit, you can now enjoy BBC iPlayer abroad without having to worry about losing your data or having your online activities tracked. Your data is your own, and the internet was created to be free, so why should you have to compromise at all?

Still unable to access BBC iPlayer abroad? Leave a comment below with your query below to get it resolved as soon as possible.

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