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Why Get Pandora Unblocked?

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Pandora or Pandora Radio is a music streaming service, not entirely different from Apple Music or Spotify. The service is operated by Pandora Media Inc., and is only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

With features like automated music recommendations, the service has managed to take the world by storm, and has over 200 million users, out of which 70 million are active on a monthly basis, as reported back in 2013. 

As mentioned earlier, Pandora is only available in three regions. However, this does not necessarily mean those wanting to take advantage of the service are left out to dry. Anyone can get Pandora unlocked, and the reasons for doing so are plentiful.

By using a VPN, anyone can get Pandora unblocked. How a VPN works is that it allows users to connect to one of many available servers across the globe, thus masking one's identity. Those interested in using Pandora will simply need to switch to a server in the US, Australia or New Zealand.

Apart from the most obvious reason, which is to access Pandora from a region where it is unavailable for access, there are several other reasons why using a VPN is a great idea. For starters, it ensures your remain anonymous. ISPs and third party agencies will not be able to track your activities online. Since nobody can monitor you, it is impossible for hackers to steal your information.

Now that you know why getting Pandora unlocked is a great idea, why wait? Use a VPN today, and enjoy numerous other benefits, and gain access to any and all content available online, which was what the internet was created for in the first place.

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