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Wireless VPN, Virtual Private Network Service

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Ever since the emergence of WiFi technology, its usage has only increased and there are a lot of people who use WiFI to access cyber world in the open public places. WiFi is a great technology without any doubt as it is very easy to connect, offers a very decent speed and above all it is FREE. Due to the fact that there are a lot of hotspots out there supplying FREE internet accessibility a lot of people have started using WiFi, and unfortunately most of them are hackers. The reason behind increasing number of hackers and sniffers using WiFi is the fact they can easily breach into your privacy and see what you are doing on the Internet. There are cases when users are dealing with their bank account and shopping online through their credit cards. All these communications are very sensitive in nature and if your bank account or even credit card details get sniffed then it can result in severe financial damage. Therefore it is necessary to get a Wireless VPN to protect your personal data and make online browsing safe and secure.

Wi-Fi security is a different phenomenon all together when at home and away. It is now acknowledged universally that public Wi-Fi hotspots are insecure, but because they are so convenient that majority of us cannot resist using them anyway. On the contrary, it is also a fact that not everything you do online through an open Wi-Fi environment can be picked up by digital sniffers. Secure HTTP servers, denoted as HTTPS, are great but there is likelihood that your e-mail account and many social networking sites do not use HTTPS servers or if they do then they only do it for logging in.

You also need to be concerned with encrypting traffic coming in and out of your computer or device on an open wireless network. If we talk about online transactions then they are usually as secure as their most open link. The most open link of all is actually the gap between the laptop/device and the wireless access point i.e. Wi-Fi Hotspot. On top of all this, the public networks poise new threats because the network is being shared with total strangers as opposed to a trusted group, which increases the probability of unauthorized and unwanted individuals trying to access your personal data and data theft.

Now the technology that can really serve all your online security related needs is a tunneling . Wireless VPN establishes a secure tunnel between your laptop or device and the first server you connect to.

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